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Council Emeritus

Council Members Emeritus have served with Special Distinction as Council Members in the past or have made a Profound Contribution to the Goals of ICJ Canada in addition to serving on the Council. Their names appear in the order in which they were appointed.

The Honourable Bertha Wilson (1923-2007), retired judge and the first woman to be appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Honourable Kenneth M. Lysyk (1934-2003), former Constitutional Law Professor, Deputy Attorney-General of Saskatchewan, and Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Dr. Donat Pharand, O.C., Q.C., F.R.S.C., former International Law Professor and Author, and Past President of the Canadian Council of International Law.

Dr. Edward McWhinney, Q.C., former International and Comparative Law Professor and Author, M.P. for Vancouver-Quadra, and Member of Royal Commission on French Language Rights in Quebec.

The Honourable Walter Tarnopolsky (1932-1993), former Constitutional and Human Rights Professor, Author and Advisor, Law Dean and Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The Honourable Mark MacGuigan (1931-1998), former Constitutional Law Professor, Minister of Justice of Canada, Secretary of State for External Affairs and Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal.

The Honourable Gérard V. LaForest, former Constitutional and International Law Professor and Author and former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Honourable Alice Desjardins, former Constitutional Law Professor and first woman appointed as a professor at a Canadian law school; Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal and first woman appointed to the Federal Court of Appeal.

The Honourable Gérald-A. Beaudoin, O.C., Q.C. (1929-2008), former Dean, Constitutional Law Professor and Author, Royal Commissioner, Senator and Past President of ICJ Canada.

The Honourable Claire L'Heureux-Dubé, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada; former President of the International Commission of Jurists; Past President of ICJ Canada.

The Honourable Peter Cory, former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, Court of Appeal of Ontario, and High Court of Ontario; Commissioner in relation to Thomas Sophonow, Ontario Law Clerks, and Military Judges; Commissioner on the Collusion Inquiry for the English and Irish Governments.

T. Bradbrooke Smith, Q.C., Stikeman Elliott; International and Constitutional Law; Arbitration; former Chief General Counsel, Department of Justice; former Chairman, Special Commission of The Hague Conference on Private International Law on Intercountry Adoption; former Honorary Secretary-Treasurer, ICJ Canada.

New appointments

The following Guidelines apply:

  • Appointments are made by the President in consultation with Council Members;
  • Not more than three appointments may be made in any calendar year;
  • A Council Member Emeritus is no longer eligible to serve on the Council;

Membership Emeritus continues even after the death of an appointee and appointments may be made posthumously.

If you wish to recommend a past Council Member or one whose appointment is expiring for appointment as a Council Member Emeritus, please write directly to the President, Errol Mendes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in support of your recommendation.